Gordon Craig

Sterngold Dental

As the President & CEO of Sterngold Dental, LLC, Gordon brings over twenty-eight years of professional business development, sales, marketing, and corporate communications experience, complementing a high level of energy and an open leadership style.

Under Gordon’s leadership, Sterngold Dental has expanded beyond alloys, strengthened its position in restorative supplies and equipment, reinforced the implants and attachments product line, gained a major foothold in the mini implant category with MOR®, and ventured into digital dentistry. Today, Sterngold has a formidable solution set of restorative supplies, implants, attachments, and digital product offerings.

Gordon holds an MBA from the University of Rhode Island and a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications and Marketing from Roger Williams University. He has been married to his wife for over 24 years, has three children together, and lives in RI.

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