Andy Jakson

Evolution Dental Science

Andy Jakson, founder of Evolution Dental Science and previous co-founder of First Dental Lab, is continuously making waves with his groundbreaking protocols for mini dental implants. His innovative use of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, Exocad, milling machines, CAD/CAM, and advanced record-taking tools like facial scanning and jaw motion devices, has led the way to efficient same day dentistry.

These advancements have streamlined the workflow in dental labs, saving time and costs by allowing for instant transfer of patient records and immediate production. The precision and predictability of these new technologies have boosted the success rates of minimally invasive mini dental implant procedures. Under Jakson’s leadership, Evolution Dental Science is pushing digital dentistry forward through comprehensive education on all its products and tools. Jakson’s relentless dedication and innovative contributions have created a promising future.

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